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段位認定- / -

KB Paradise account

I am a Europe player.

In this account, I use a KB Paradise keyboard with Cherry MX switches, I am playing 7 key in normal style (HINS style).

I am not a serious player, I just have fun, I have played 7 key LR2 BMS in daily active play for less than 6 months only.

Other intense e-sports I have enjoyed are DrumMania, GuitarFreaks, KOF, LR2 BMS 7 key / 14 key, chess, shogi, tetris, Cave shooters, Touhou.

I like the art of the top players, you should make more videos, with hand-shot, with tapping sounds.

I am friendly, so if you want to text, just let me know.

If I rivalled you, I am just selecting random rivals, or just curious and checking your scores. =)


My other E-sport ranks - achieved 2150 rating in 1 min bullet, quite fun - achieved 7th kyu, nice game

King Of Fighters - Just for fun, really fun game, just a normal player without memorizing the chains, although best in my city or country in Europe at the time as well

DrumMania - Just enjoy the music, approx level 85 with auto-bass

GuitarFreaks - Just enjoy the music, approx level 75 - 90 with quite a few near-perfect scores

Cave shooter - Achieved a 1CC / 1 credit clear in one title, within a few weeks of starting play, very fun

LR2 BMS 7 key - Cleared a few 発狂 BMS / Hakkyo BMS / Crazy BMS, rated ★1 - ★3, AA score in Hakkyo BMS, in other songs quite a few near-perfect scores

LR2 BMS 14 key - Should be at Hakkyo BMS level, should be at least at DP段位認定(仮) 発狂三段, I don't have two controllers these days, I used to be at the highest level in the countries I played in when I played

Aside from e-sport, I like normal sport as well, art, music, politics, invention, personal pursuits and other things


- Notes -

14 key / DP certification levels -

14 key / DP Hakkyo BMS certification levels alternative -

Touhou course creator -

Touhou course creator 2 -

Touhou Non-stop course by Lobsak -

発狂皿  段位認定(仮) 初段 -

発狂皿  段位認定(仮) 二段 -

- Info for new player -

If you are new to this e-sport, you can download the Touhou certificate levels, they range from Level 1 to Level 10

For instance

Level 3 - 東方段位認定 三段 -

You can click on コースファイルのダウンロード to download the file, then put the file inside the Jukebox window, while LR2 is open

You need all the songs in the course to play it, so you can either download a large pack of songs, or ask someone to put them on a USB, or you can search for the songs individually, at links like these -,

Or, if you have two controllers, then you can download the DP certification courses here, which range from Level 1 to Level 10 -

You can click on コースリスト(☆1-☆10)のダウンロード, under ダブル, to download the file, then put it in the Jukebox window while LR2 is open

If you need two controllers, you can find them at this link -

If you are playing 7 key on a keyboard, try HINS style on the keyboard, if you are playing on the left side then mirror it, distance the key layout to mimic a controller distance, then you can still play in an arcade later

ライバル RIE. ereter krystal ♪ YUKI Lime エドナ 小野塚小町


1 super esc FULL COMBO 365 55/388
2 Cinderella's Age (7key Light) FULL COMBO 166 1/111
3 真・千年女王 [NORMAL] HARD CLEAR 158 1222/8607
4 * Crow Solace * [SP NORMAL] FULL COMBO 136 23/1403
5 End Time [TechnoBreak] FAILED 110 462/803
6 Resurrection Spell [NORMAL] ★FULLCOMBO 96 6/694
7 Chariot FULL COMBO 90 68/1805
8 (^^) [5keys Normal] ★FULLCOMBO 85 85/1371
9 FREEDOM DiVE [NORMAL 7] CLEAR 77 520/12786
10 ブクレシュティの人形師 -GIL- CLEAR 75 10635/18961

1 彼岸帰航-idling mix- (ANOTHER) CLEAR 33 1974/6419
2 Cinderella's Age (7key) CLEAR 18 25/234
3 the lost dedicated ★FULLCOMBO 69 37/697
4 緑眼のジェラシー FULL COMBO 58 59/413
5 Calamity Fortune [HARD] CLEAR 15 1752/5253
6 Calamity Fortune [NORMAL] FULL COMBO 7 132/2865
7 Cinderella's Age (7key Light) FULL COMBO 166 1/111
8 Canon (blazing summer mix) [HYPER] CLEAR 3 785/2508
9 DENGEKI Tube [HYPER] HARD CLEAR 6 496/4046
10 Cold Breath (Another) HARD CLEAR 9 664/1994